How to Legally Set up Your BBQ Trailer Business
The Commissary Hijacking Method

Setting up and running a BBQ trailer business can be very lucrative business. However, before selling anything to the public you’ll need to be legally setup from a health and safety point of view.

Health departments in most countries around the world require strict sanitation in mobile food trailers & street vendors as much as they do for any other restaurant of catering operation.

City ordinances and state and federal health laws require that all industrial tools and equipment must be thoroughly cleaned in commercial kitchens to stop the distribution of bacteria. This is important, because you (and the council) don’t want your BBQ customers to be exposed to bacteria and any forms of food poisoning.

In addition to safe food, it’s just as important to have clean equipment in your BBQ trailer. Therefore, justified laws have been set up in most countries to ensure that any type of commercial cooking equipment is properly sanitized before and after each use.

So before you start selling your BBQ, your BBQ trailer business needs to have a food safety checked commissary to clean your utensils, prepare food etc just like a restaurant kitchen has.

A commissary in basic terms is a commercial kitchen that has been safety checked by the health department….meaning, you can’t just prepare your foods and wash your utensils in your home sink (unless it food-safety checked by your local health department).

The process of renting a commissary from restaurant or catering facilities can be VERY costly and time consuming. Most restaurants won’t want you getting in their way, and the ones that don’t mind will want to charge a hefty price for using their kitchen.

How to Secure a Free Health-Checked Commissary for Your BBQ Trailer

The best little-known secret for acquiring a commissary for your BBQ business is to use your local town halls and churches. They are literally the perfect setup. Local town halls and churches are empty most days of the week and have their own commercial kitchens with up-to-date health permits for the commercial preparation of food.

You just need to offer them something in return for the use of their facilities.  For instance, you can offer your BBQ trailer services for free or ‘BBQ at cost price’ during their monthly meetings, or you could set up your stand during any of their celebrations that they might hold each year and offer your food at half price, or you could even offer them fifty percent of your profits. You can even offer to volunteer more of your extra time to support their functions, and help them promote their organizations if needs be.

As you know, churches are non-profit organizations, and are not interested in receiving money to put in their pockets, but are more interested in money they receive to help various charities, and members of the congregation. So again if you can offer them something, such as a charitable donation each month, most churches will welcome you to use their kitchen facilities.

Again, town halls are focused on what is being done for the local community. So as long as your offer is giving something to the community, they’ll usually more than happy to support you.

BBQ Business Commissary Script

Here’s a template that you can use when approaching town halls and churches…

“Hi, My name is Dave Lawrence. I currently run a mobile BBQ trailer. I need a location where I can clean my equipment and utensils during the afternoon or later at night.

Currently, I don’t have access to a registered industrial kitchen to use. However, I noticed that your facilities are seldom occupied, and I was thinking that maybe it would be possible for me to use them.

As you probably know, the economy is a little tight right now, and I don’t have much that I could pay you. Luckily, there is something that I could do to help your (church, city hall, etc.). I would be more than happy to …” (Insert offer ideas discussed above of how you will help their organization)

It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone.

By following this little known commissary technique, you’ll save a TON in kitchen rental fees .

Added Benefits to Using Other Peoples Commissary for FREE

Churches and town halls are FULL of local money-spending people from your community. If you agree to sell you BBQ at your town halls events or monthly meeting or your churches yearly celebration, you’ll be surrounding yourself and your business with local customers from the community that will ask you to cater to THEIR private parties, events, celebrations and so forth.

These are just a few basic ideas to get you moving in the right direction. Once you begin to master and dominate the BBQ trailer business, you will have a significant amount of disposable income at your disposal.

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